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Singles Sports Vacations Demographics:
Our sports weeks are ideal for singles & solo travelers (No Couples & No Children) who want to enjoy fun vacations in the company of other like-minded travelers. However, our vacations are not dating trips instead they are focused on having great company to enjoy the adventure with. Many of our guests do meet and continue their friendships beyond the vacation. However we cannot guarantee the size, ages or the ratio male/female of our groups.
Our vacations are all about the activities & sports and not traveling alone.
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Singles Ski can offer an exciting alternative to the same old “week off” vacation thinking. When you travel with us you will be in the company of other singles from all over the US, GB, Canada and Australia, all sharing similar vacation interests, passions and a desire to try the same ski and snowboard adventures. A great singles ski vacation is more than a destination, add in the excitement of meeting and making new friends, learning or progressing in your favorite sport and enjoying a great new ski resort. Since we go to the same resorts each year we know the best restaurants, happy hour bars and secret trails that the locals never discuss.
Your only job is to kick back and have a good time and leave the planning to us.
Give us a week and we will give you back new friends, great adventure and a vacation you won’t soon forget!
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When we build a vacation package we take the cost of the hotel and divide it in half so each person is only responsible for half the room. If a guest decides they would be more comfortable in a private room…. they ONLY pay the other half of the room. We do not penalize or earn extra money for the upgrade to private.
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Our ski vacations are designed for all ages… our goal is to maximize the size of the group so everyone has a lot of choices of who to ski with. Our trips are only open to singles and solo travelers… no children and no couples.
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No obligations, just choices. It’s your vacation so it’s always your option to hang and play with the group or not. You are always invited to all activities and parties, but again, it’s your vacation and you can do as you please …. you are never obligated to anything …. except to have a good time!
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When we post a ski trip we reserve a limited number of rooms at a contracted price as we sell out our allotment and we reserve additional space it is usually at a higher price… so the sooner you book the less you will pay. The same applies to your air connections which are usually most expensive as you get closer to departure.
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Some Travel excursions are hosted, which means that we have one or more travel professionals on hand to manage your entire vacation. That’s a great plus because you can leave the business of vacations to us. Just relax and enjoy!
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Unless you take the single supplement, we will assign you a roommate based based on gender and age and we make every effort to honor any reasonable special requests.
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At some destinations we arrange an array of extra activities. These are usually specific and appropriate to the venue, such as back country skiing or snowmobiling at our ski destinations. But again, it’s your choice to join or not. In all cases these have associated charges and are not included in our ground packages.
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No, quite the contrary. Generally speaking, group travel costs are sometimes less than what you might pay if you called your own travel agent to book a trip. However, we do add many extras such group meals, hosting and some extra activities to create our packages all of which add to our price. Being a singles organization, we want to provide plenty of opportunity for everybody to meet and socialize, but at the same time give you as much value for your vacation dollar as possible.

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